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Radar Links

The CloudNET website

Local links at Reading

Main Met Department web pages
Local weather observations from Reading field site
JCMM - Met Office Joint Centre for Mesoscale Meteorology
ESSC - The Environmental Systems Science Centre
Main university web pages

Chilbolton Observatory links

Chilbolton Observatory and Weather Web
Gate @ Chilbolton (local)

Useful Met data links:

Met Office UK forecast and observations
Frontiers - latest and archived UK weather radar (local)
BADC - British Atmospheric Data Centre
Archived surface pressure charts (KNMI)
Wyoming radiosonde archive
Dundee Satellite receiving station
Archived Chilbolton Quicklooks
CloudSat Quicklooks
CALIPSO Quicklooks
TRMM satellite rainfall measurements

Other Atmospheric Science groups in the UK:

Manchester - Atmospheric physics
Leeds - Institute for Atmospheric Science
Aberystwyth - Atmospheric physics
University of Hertfordshire - Centre for Atmospheric & Instrumentation Research
Salford - Centre for Environmental Systems Research

Other Atmospheric Science groups abroad:

Atmospheric research at KNMI (Netherlands)
GKSS Institute for Atmospheric Physics (Germany)
DLR Oberpfaffenhofen - Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre (Germany)
Wyoming Cloud Radar (USA)
Meteorology at Penn State University (USA)
Microwave Remote Sensing Lab at UMASS (USA)
Atmospheric Research at the University of Utah (USA)

Other remote-sensing stations around the world

CESAR Observatory, Cabauw (Netherlands)
SIRTA Observatory, Palaiseau (France)
The ARM Sites (America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia)
Millstone Hill Observatory, Massachusetts (USA)
Radar Met at Colorado State and the CSU-CHILL observatory (USA)
Earth Observation Lab at NCAR
JS Marshall Observatory at McGill (Canada)
Radar Met at University of North Dakota (USA)
Spino d'Adda radar (Italy)
POLDIRAD at DLR Oberpfaffenhofen (Germany)
IRCTR at TU Delft (Netherlands)