Placement and internship opportunities

The Department regularly receives details of commercial paid internship and student placement opportunities within the meteorology, environmental physics and applied science fields, and these are communicated to our students as they are advised. Placement schemes will occasionally be featured on this page.

The Space Internship Network (SpIN)

The UK space sector is growing at just under 9% per year ... compare that to other areas, and think what that might mean for careers in this dynamic sector!

The Space Internship Network has been launched by the University of Reading to link the most enthusiastic and talented students from across the disciplines with employers throughout the sector. SpIN is National. Students from any university can participate, and the space sector is wide, encompassing companies that build and launch satellites, through telecommunications and navigation to those delivering services derived from satellite data to users anywhere on the planet.

SpIN has been developed to give undergraduate students a real world taste of working in companies in the sector , to help them appreciate how exciting it is, encourage them to consider careers in the sector and to understand exactly what skills will be important as they enter the workplace.

The benefits run far deeper than the pay that students take home. In 2013, many students also got involved in an Inventorthon at the Satellite Applications Catapult when they'd finished their placements. Over a weekend the crowd that congregated at Harwell were challenged with a number of problems and asked to come up with new viable business opportunities that might solve them. This proved the ultimate opportunity to think creatively and beyond the university syllabus. For more information: contact Kathie Bowden

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