Visitor programme

Visitor Category

  • Postgraduate students, Postdoctoral researchers and Academic visitors

    These are typically short-term visitors (days to maximum of 6 months) who are normally able to fund their own travel and subsidence costs from their employer or through an external fellowship. Where a good case is made for strengthening or developing a collaborative project with a member of the Department, visitors may be eligible to claim their UK expenses, including local transportation, accommodation and meals from the Visitor Programme. To qualify, the visitor is expected to give at least one advertised research seminar during their stay.

  • Distinguished Visitors

    These are short-term visitors (days to maximum of 6 months), normally from abroad, who are leaders in their research field. These visits would be at the invitation of the Department after consultation with the Coordinator and the Research Committee. Substantial funding would be available to support travel and subsistence. Please consult the Coordinator for details of appropriate funding levels, but note that, in the first instance, staff members are strongly encouraged to explore the funding routes identified above.

    It is anticipated that such visitors would enhance the research environment of the Department by interacting with a number of academic and research staff. They would also be expected to give a short series of teaching and research lectures within the Department, which would be appropriate for postgraduate students as well as postdoctoral staff.

  • Visitors on Sabbatical

    The Department is keen to act as host for sabbaticals of leading international scientists in all areas of weather and climate science, including earth system science. Although funds for local support of sabbaticals are limited, we would be happy to explore possible funding routes. Please contact the Coordinator, Dr Michaela Hegglin, for further details.

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